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Your Skilled Accountant and Tax Consultant


At Frishta Amala CPA & Tax Services, we provide services in domestic and international services of the highest quality. We take taxation challenges very seriously and have demonstrated abilities in navigating the tax challenges faced by multi-national firms. Almost 22 years of auditing experience with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

We have a proven record of success in handling currency translation issues, problems with international record keeping, FATCA compliance problems, and penalties relating to non-reporting of foreign transactions.​ Furthermore, we have successfully defended clients faced with IRS claims of fraudulent behavior.

In summary, you can look to our firm for help with all categories of tax problems, and that includes Corporate, Partnership, Estate, Trust, Gift, LLP, LLC, Forensic Accounting, FATCA, Tax Fraud, Audit, IRS Audit, IRS Representation, Tax Audit Consultation, Payroll, Sales Tax, Collection, Individual, and Tax Preparation Problems.

We look forward to serving you.

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